Name of property: Centennial Hall in Wroclaw

Localization: Wroclaw City, historical capital of Silésia, is situated on the banks of the central course of the Oder River, on the Slaska lowland, in the administrative structures of Lower Silesia voivodship.

Category of property: cultural property

Nominated area: the monumental Centennial Hall, with a vast circular central space of 65m diameter and 42m high, is centrally planned building placed in the middle of the Exhibition Grounds, to be found in the north-eastern part of the city.

Legal situation:

legal provision (status): the property of the State, under a partial responsibility of the commercial company's management.

responsible administration: Wroclaw Centennial Hall Company Ltd. (Wroclawskie Przedsiebiorstwo Hala Ludowa sp. zo.o), and the Municipal and Provincial Commissioner of Historical Monuments.

Justification for inscription on the World Heritage List

date of inscription - 2006

criteria met - 1,2,4

Criterion 1

The Centennial Hall in Wroclaw is a masterpiece of human creative genius and a major structural challenge that broke new ground in terms of development towards some original techniques and structural methods for the monumental constructions of XXth century. The erection of the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw had a profound impact on the idea to explore the possibilities of a new material - ferroconcrete, and to use it in the architectural practices. Moreover, this innovative approach has stimulated changes, which are introduced into the conceptions of reinforcement of concrete and steel structures.

Criterion 2

The Centennial Hall in Wroclaw is a pioneering and, at the same time, one of the most brilliant achievement of contemporary engineering and architecture. It also bears an exceptional testimony to the mutual international exchange of ideas of early XX century, which influenced the expansion of new architectural and structural solutions for ferroconcrete constructions.

Criterion 4

The Centennial Hall being one of the most valuable works of the modern architecture is considered to be of a great value multifunctional. This enormous construction, taking a part of the Exibition Grounds, constitute from the beginning of last century an outstanding example of the edifice designed for staging of theatrical productions, concerts, exhibitions and conventions, in order to perform a social function and responding to the needs of broad masses.




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Naszym obowiązkiem jest udział w zbiorowej odpowiedzialności wszystkich narodów świata za ochronę dóbr uznanych za wspólne dziedzictwo całej ludzkości, bez względu na to, do terytorium jakiego kraju jest ono zlokalizowane.