This urban area is situated on The Wooden Architecture Route in the Province of Małopolska (Lesser Poland). Gmina Lipnica Murowana is a perfect example of a typical oval-shaped medieval urban space where people settled for trade purposes. One-storeyed traditional arcade houses, with gables facing the market, were built in 17th century, when this urban settlement has lost its importance. These wooden log houses are covered with pediment roof and only some of them are partially brick-built. Most of the wooden arcades are supported by moderately ornamented posts.

The most important monuments in the village are as follows:


  • Saint Leonard_s wooden church - built in 15th century, which is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site since 2003;
  • Saint Andrew Apostol_s gothic parish church, which was built in 14th century;
  • Blessed Simon from Lipnica baroque church, built in 17th century.


Lipnica Murowana is famous for its Easter Palm Contest, which has been organised since 1958.




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Polska, jako kraj cechujący się niewątpliwym bogactwem tradycji i naturalnego piękna, i aktywnie dbający o jego ochronę, jest nie tylko jednym z pierwszych Państw-sygnatariuszy Konwencji dziedzictwa światowego, ale również jednym z czołowych reprezentantów na Liście Światowego Dziedzictwa.