Jawor is one of the most beautiful cities of Lower Silesia. It boasts a 750-year - old history and rich tradition. It is one of the two places in Poland where one may admire the unique interior of the Church of Peace. This evangelical church, made of wood and clay, has an impressive baroque interior (featuring exceptionally valuable galleries with the emblems of craft guilds and gentry from Jawor).

For years, it has resounded with the chamber music, performed by the best Polish and German musicians, invited to participate in the "Jawor Concerts of Peace" ("Jaworskie Koncerty Pokoju").

Jawor is the site of the "International Bread Fair" ("Międzynarodowe Targi Chleba"). This is a promotional venture and its role is to showcase not only the baking industry, but also the city’s and the region’s qualities.

Jawor is a member of the EUROREGION NYSA Polish Counties’ Association – a community created to support multifaceted activity to ensure prosperity of the region, ecological sanitation and economic growth. It collaborates with the cities of Turnov (Czech Republic), Niesky (Germany), Berdyczów (Ukraine), Roseto degli Abruzzi (Italy) and Niepołomice (Poland).

Everyone who visits Jawor will be sure to remember the beauty of this Piast city.



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Naszym obowiązkiem jest udział w zbiorowej odpowiedzialności wszystkich narodów świata za ochronę dóbr uznanych za wspólne dziedzictwo całej ludzkości, bez względu na to, do terytorium jakiego kraju jest ono zlokalizowane.