Name of property: Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Białowieża Forest

(Białowieski National Park as a nominated area of Polish side)

Localization: Białowieski National Park is situated in the north-east region of Poland, on the territory of Podlaska lowland, in the administrative structures of Podlaskie voivodship, district of Hajnówka, within the communes: Białowieża, Narewka, Hajnówka, Dubicze Cerkiewne and Narew. The Park constitute the central part of Białowieża Primaveral Forest, which astride the border between Poland and Belarus.

Category of property: transboundary natural property

Nominated area: the nominated zone covers 10 502 ha (that makes the total area of the Białowieża National Park), of which 4,747,16 ha constitutes the strictly Protected Area (it is situated at the junction of the Hwoźna and Narewka rivers).

Legal situation:

legal provision (status): national property;

responsible administration: the Ministry of Environment Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry;


Justification for inscription on the World Heritage List

date of inscription - 1979, 1992

criteria met - 3

Białowieski Park Narodowy is the most valable area of Białowieża Primeval Forest that is the last natural woodland of the Old Continent. The Białowieża national Park is also the oldest national park in Poland, dated to 1932. However, its strict protection zone, so-called: "Reserve" forestry, dates back to 1921. In 1992, UNESCO decided to enlarge the boundaries of this World Heritage Site by including to its area the part of Belarusian national park - "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" (5.500ha). Thus, it constitutes a transboundary natural property of Mankind - the only one, among its category, in Poland, and the 13th in the world.

Criterion 3

Białowieski Park Narodowy protects the last fragment of virgin Europe lowland forest and it preserves to a remarkable extent its unique richness of flora and fauna. It is located in deciduous and mixed deciduous forest zone. These are the priceless natural forests of the diverse spatial structure, which has escaped the destructive impact of human's activity. Among the variety of animals that can be found in the Strict Protected Area and that one worth noting in particular is the European Bison - the largest European mammal, which has been reintroduced into the park. Thus, this unique remnant of the primeval forests that previously densely covered the European lowlands is now the unquestionable symbol of not only Białowieża National but also the entire Białowieża Forest.


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Naszym obowiązkiem jest udział w zbiorowej odpowiedzialności wszystkich narodów świata za ochronę dóbr uznanych za wspólne dziedzictwo całej ludzkości, bez względu na to, do terytorium jakiego kraju jest ono zlokalizowane.